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Birthdate:Nov 19
Location:Tampa, Florida, United States of America

Coloured Butterflies
My name is Lynnie and I'm twenty-five years old and happily married to the love of my life, Griff. We have a Persian, Normie and a chihuahua/miniature pinscher, Bob. We also recently adopted a little homeless shorthair kitten that we have named Asimov. They're our boys and mean the world to us. We currently live in Tampa Florida in a beautiful condo that we're in LOVE with.

We relocated nearly two years ago now from the mountains of north Georgia where I was born and raised. It's been a struggle and a transition, but we're doing well farther down south and we are continuing to improve all the time and the strides we've made from a year ago when we first arrived here are amazing. It truly shows how motivated and determined we are, both as individuals and as a couple.

I work for a large apparel company as a customer service rep and I love my job. My coworkers are amazing and I really enjoy my job and helping people. I value what I've learned there and recently received a promotion. I'm looking forward to continuing growth in the company :). Griff works as a promoter for a local comedy club as well as taking on a second position running the soundbooth during shows, and it has allowed us to socialize with local and national comedians as well as opened a door for Griff to pursue stand up comedy which has always been an interest of his and has become a newfound passion. He's quite good and seems to be doing very well within the industry. We're hopeful that he will continue to move onward and upward.

We're both huge nerds and I enjoy pathology manuals, Stephen King novels, serial killers and science and biology in general, really. Griff is a big fan of both old and new video games and is quite a clever reviewer, in my humble opinion. I have links to my twitter and my husband's video reviews. Feel free to visit anything I've linked and if it's currently set to private, drop me a line and let me know you're curious. I'll probably let you in. He's also, as I mentioned above, a huge fan of stand up comedy, including but far from limited to Bill Hicks, Carl LaBove, Lewis Black, George Carlin, and many many more. We're also both huge movie buffs and enjoy watching and critiquing movies amongst ourselves and with friends.

A few notes about myself, just as a heads up. We're childfree; though we don't hate children, we just don't want any of our own. I have severe endometriosis and PCOS and have been diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), though it has gotten a lot more tolerable since moving to Florida. I do have chronic pain with my endo as well as other TMI side-effects and they are openly discussed in my journal. I'm also very open about sex and my sex life as well as any other opinions I may have. I'm fiercely pro-choice, pro-woman, pro-gay marriage / gay rights, and Griff and I are atheists. For the most part I don't have a hard time existing with people I disagree with on certain issues, but if you're a fundamentalist, we may not get along. However I will give anyone a shot who wants to be a friend and no matter what, I will treat you with respect if you do me the same courtesy.

I say that as a reminder that this is my journal, which is akin to my home. I'm myself here. I can be blunt, brutally honest, and sometimes a little crass. I tend to have a very dark sense of humor and sometimes I offend, but I rarely try to offend on purpose and I never do so in my journal. Also, please let me know on my public post if you add me or are interested in being friends; stealth adds often go unnoticed and if/when they are noticed, they are not reciprocated.
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